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It’s no secret, we live for art. It’s our higher power. But art without integrity is indulgence. Integrity without art is silent. We combine the two, to spectacular effect.

Many can probably claim one or other of these strengths in isolation, but it’s the instinctive overlap of the two at Storybox that takes the experience of working with us, and the creative results, to another level.

Our art and design process is propelled by our openness, curiosity, and desire to push ourselves into new territories that give our client’s work with deeper significance and beauty.

Our integrity is borne out of an unwavering respect for people, the planet and professionalism. We are trusted collaborators, dedicated problem solvers, and responsive communicators.

visual design

Whether it’s an entire campaign, strategy workshop or a gig-poster, our studio of creatives are experts at developing solutions for clients.

We understand that our clients know their content best and this philosophy underpins our co-design process of developing successful creative content with you.

Our crack team can handle strategy, media planning, design, illustration, animation and video production. We bring together all the elements needed to visually communicate the values, direction and strategy of your organisation.

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experiential art

We create jaw-dropping large scale projection artworks that involve collaborations with world class artists. Our work has featured in events and festivals across the globe.

We use innovative technology to expand storytelling through interactive engagement. We’ve worked with museums and libraries to help audiences explore and understand their collections.

We create physical installations that inform, engage and delight.
Collaborating with our wide network of artists, technical wizards and artisans, the possibilities are endless.

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moving image

We know that at the heart of any video lies a good story and that's where we begin. 

We create stories for clients as well as develop and produce our own independent documentary content. The skills and talent that create our award winning, feature and broadcast documentaries are the same skills that build videos for our clients. 

Whether it's animation, live action or documentary we make moving image content that emotionally connects with audiences to tell stories that can change the world. 

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We develop and produce our own independent documentary content alongside stories for clients. Our documentaries emotionally connect with audiences to tell stories that can change the world.

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The start of every project is all about getting in sync with the purpose and people involved. We take our time to get to understand the problem and what is required from every angle.


A strong idea is always core to creating an amazing outcome. This is our foundation for any project.


Developing the shape that the idea will take is the next step. How will the concept come to life in the world?


Once we all know what we are making it's time to bring the team together and produce the project.


On time, in budget and amazing is what we aim for. At each stage we collaborate with our clients to stay focussed on achieving the best possible creative solution.

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