Boatshed Projections



In anticipation of the 2021 Homegrown Music Festival, we transformed the iconic Wellington Boatshed into a giant canvas for our audiovisual experience, ‘He Moana Whairepo’. The spectacular eight minute digital display, proudly projected across the front of the building, celebrated both the longstanding music festival and Whairepo Lagoon’s equally iconic silent inhabitants.

Chapter 1 of the projection told the story of the Whairepo (eagle rays) who occupy the lagoon in front of the Boatshed and are considered guardians of the area. They play an important role in both the cultural and natural landscape and remind us of our collective responsibility to the environment. Chapter 2 amplified the buzz of the upcoming festival, with enchanting visualisations pulsating to the rhythm of a unique soundscape produced by Paddy Free of Salmonella Dub.

Commissioned by WellingtonNZ, the installation featured original work from award-winning local artists Dylan Herkes, Mike Bridgman, Justin Rotolo, and Kimi Moana Whiting, as well as animation by National Park Studios. The colossal projection ran nightly over a week in March 2021 and was a major highlight of Homegrown’s extended waterfront festivities.

Boatshed ProjectionsBoatshed Projections
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