Climate Action Stills

Wellington City Council


The Wellington City Council climate response team got in touch with an interesting proposition: They were in need of more images demonstrating climate action. They had a lot of tree planting and cargo bikes, but needed to be able to show a more nuanced story around climate change.

We worked with them to develop a series of scenarios showing Wellingtonians taking climate action in a variety of ways. Bikes and trees were part of it, but things like urban living, car-share, community gardens, composting, education, re-use and re-fuse were also featured.

We used local locations and cast from the Wellington city council, so no models, just real people.

In collaboration with photographer Amber-Jayne Bain, we created over 100 images to build an extensive library that Wellington City council can use in press releases, websites, print and social, to better tell stories about the Council’s climate response.

Climate Action StillsClimate Action Stills
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