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Mana Moana Collective


Mana Moana invites leading interdisciplinary Māori and Pasifika artists to collaborate on a collection of multimedia and moving image artworks around themes of climate change. With the project originally designed to be a physical display across water, it was successfully translated into the digital realm as a response to the Covid lockdowns. The project features rolling water that stretches on forever creating a perfect ‘landscape’ for a completely immersive experience.

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“A piece of work that showcases artwork and is a piece of digital art itself.This (gap needed) project is truly a breathtaking response towards the restrictions of the pandemic and technically a monumental achievement in the same right…In summary this initiative is one of the many projects that are the rays of light that punched through the ‘Covid cloud’ during 2020. Exceptional.” -

Web design and build - Vanishing Point.
Full artist credits see the Mana Moana website.

Digital OceanDigital Ocean
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