SuperCuts and Tauranga Heritage Collection


Ka mua, ka muri - walking backwards into the future.

Echoes is a unique, interactive heritage experience that constructs images in the present from echoes of the past. The installation is an interactive digital mirror, reflecting onto participants the history of our community, culture and heritage in the form of a giant mosaic. 

Echoes is one of our experience products and is available to be adapted for events, festivals and spaces.

How does Echoes work?

Echoes was built to handle large amounts of visual data, presenting thousands of images sourced from a collection of archival imagery and/or photos shared on social media. The images are presented flowing across the screen, like a river. 

The work tracks up to three audience members via a camera sensor. It mirrors the audience’s appearance in the form of a ‘shadow’ person, which interrupts the flow of images, causing them to gather and move around the shadow, similar to large rocks in a river. 

When audience members hold up their hand, palm open, an image pops out of the river and a slideshow of images starts. By forming a fist and moving closer to the projection the audience can pause and zoom the image to further interact with the content. 

Echoes is a collaboration with artists Joe Dixon and Puck Murphy.

Awarded Silver at the Best Awards in Interactive Category, 2022

Echoes Echoes
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