Urban Dream Brokerage / Dunedin City Council


Echoes is an interactive photo-visualisation installation that constructs images of the present from echoes of the past. A giant digital mosaic, it collates large collections of images into an impressive and cohesive whole. The installation features an interactive digital mirror, reflecting onto participants the history of our community, culture and heritage.

The installation was built to handle large amounts of visual data, presenting thousands of images sourced from a collection of archival imagery and photos shared on social media. The mosaic tracks audience members via a camera sensor as they move around the space, allowing them to interact with it in different ways. At a distance, it mirrors their appearance and when audience members move closer to the mosaic, the photos ‘bloom’ and magnify to greet them. 

Originally conceived for Urban Dream Brokerage in Dunedin, The installation was produced in collaboration with artist Joe Dixon.  Echoes has since toured the country using image collections specific to each region. For the ‘What If The City Was A Theatre?’ festival, Echoes utilized a collection of images themed on ‘Performance in Wellington'.  The possibilities for this installation continue to be explored.

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