Electoral Boundaries

Electoral Commission


VMLY&R approached us on behalf of the Electoral Commission to assist them in illuminating to the public the process of updating electoral boundaries. The campaign was based around the concept of fair balance, visually represented through the creation of a translucent mobile that, when light shone through it, would form the shape of Aotearoa. 

Storybox’s own Kimi Moana-Whiting designed the mobile using brightly coloured pieces of perspex that would cast different coloured shadows onto the wall. With precision placement, these shadows would come to rest in the shape of Aotearoa. Produced with the team at Te Mahi, the delicate procedure incorporated elements of maths, physics and art, mirroring the fine balancing act the Electoral Commission undertakes when updating our electoral boundaries.

Finally, we were tasked with the creation of a short film highlighting the design and build of the mobile, which was paired with an explanatory voiceover regarding the electoral boundary selection process. This was an exciting and challenging campaign that required complex creative solutions in order to produce a cohesive narrative through art and design.

Electoral BoundariesElectoral Boundaries
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