L'affare - The Roasters Cup Experience


L’affare was on a mission to shake up Kiwis’ coffee habits in a new campaign to tempt Kiwis to explore the next level of flavour with new variants of its premium, limited edition, Roasters’ Cup range. Sweet Velvet and Amp’d Fruit are the result of creative collaborations with innovative coffee farmers.

Launching coffee this special couldn’t conform to the tried and tested, the same old script and so when we were approached by another boundary pushing agency, EightyOne to collaborate with them we were excited. EightyOne had developed a playful eclectic campaign and needed our expertise to produce a unique experience for the curious. An abstract multi-sensory journey, immersing people in the worlds of Sweet Velvet and Amp’d Fruit, which served to heighten the senses for an exclusive tasting session.

Those bold enough to “Embrace the Unknown” got an unforgettable experience of the distinctive feel of each product. They entered a bespoke space built inside the L'affare factory that took participants on two journeys that physically embodied the experience of both new coffee flavours. One enveloped them in a furry orange womb, with actors in suits interacting. The other expanded their minds with a reflective patterned space using printed vinyl and cleverly positioned mirrors. At the other end they were able to try these new coffee flavours and share their experiences online.

The entire project required a three day build in the L’affare factory so it wasn’t just a creative challenge but also a technical one. 

L'affare - The Roasters Cup ExperienceL'affare - The Roasters Cup Experience
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