Louie & Tapitha

Wellington Water


The good folk at Wellington Water came to us with a quandary: how do we maintain audience engagement when communicating good wastewater behaviour? The answer was simple, by  embracing our inner child and indulging in a bit of toilet humour. Louie and Tapitha, the talking toilet and sink were born.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of a sink and toilet was an eye opening thought experiment. To shore up audience engagement, we designed Louie and Tapitha to be friendly, affable characters with a large range of facial expressions. Charismatic voice talent was also key to developing relatable characters and we were fortunate to secure the marvellous Karen O’Leary from Wellington Paranormal for the voice of Tapitha.

We fully embraced the challenge of communicating this potentially uninspiring but ultimately important public service announcement in an imaginative and striking manner. Through these fun characters we were able to deliver a serious message.

Louie & TapithaLouie & Tapitha
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