Pasifika Voices 2022



Mana Moana – Pasifika Voices is a collection of artistic video works, created to amplify and support the Pacific to drive global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This collection is the second in a series that began in 2021. Our Pacific Island people are creative innovators immersed in a culture of storytelling with a history that has been shared through our voices from generation to generation across our vast oceans.

We let you into our universe, our world, our sky, our oceans, our sea, our land, our trees and our gardens of sustenance and hope – to be immersed in our journey of survival to the impacts of climate change.

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Special Curator Poetry
Audrey Brown-Pereira

Mana Moana Curators
Rachael Rakena
Mike Bridgman

Executive Producer
Rob Appierdo

Amanda Walker

Production Managers
Andrew Croot
Ruth Korver

Post Production Support
Moretekorohunga Lloyd

Graphic Design
Kimi Moana Whiting

Music Direction
Laughton Kora

Music Composition & Sound Design
Laughton Kora, Tiki Taane, Mona Sanei

Sound Engineering
Tiki Taane

Made with support from Toi Rauwhārangi
College of Creative Arts, Massey University

Produced by Storybox and Mana Moana

Thanks and acknowledgement to everyone
involved in creating these works.

Full credits are at the end of each video

Pasifika Voices 2022Pasifika Voices 2022
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