Resn Labs China



Taking Kiwi design & ingenuity to China.

Resn are a global digital agency based in Wellington. In 2016 they began to expand into China and decided to do so via a physical space that showed off their digital talents. The Resn Labs gallery acts as a starting point for discussions and allows their work to do all the talking.

From cardboard trees to interactive mirrors, Storybox directed the physical build and spatial elements required to support their digital experiences. Working with our New Zealand based team we were able to deliver a global product that was then installed into a newly furnished space in Shenzhen working with local suppliers.

Resn recently opened their first Chinese office in Shanghai in mid 2017. This project received a silver at the NZ Design Best Awards in 2016.

Design lead – Resn
Project co-ordination/design – Storybox
Spatial Design & Build – Te Mahi
AV Tech – Toulouse
Partners – Flightless, Puck Murphy

Resn Labs ChinaResn Labs China
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