Safety Whare

SafeKids Aotearoa


Safety Whare is a touring popup house designed in conjunction with Te Mahi for Safekids Aotearoa. Equal parts fun and educational, the travelling exhibition helps kids learn about home safety.

Safety Whare presents an interactive space for children and parents alike to raise awareness of the dangers that exist to young children around the home. It features a range of interactive tools that educate children on the dangers of burns, swallowing button batteries, cutting, drowning, poisoning and driveway runover injuries, as well as how to encourage safe sleeping.

The giant diorama is designed to appeal to children, with sketchy animation drawn in a cartoonish manner. The 3D cutout designs and interactive lighting displays bring the animated house to life, creating an enjoyable, important and lasting lesson for the whole whānau.

Safety WhareSafety Whare
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