Auckland Live


Speakatube is a curiously colourful interactive sound sculpture designed to bring joy and excitement to public spaces. The sculpture brings sound to life through an oversized tangle of brightly coloured tubes designed to look like soundwaves. The trumpet-like ends beckon passersby to speak into them and listen to the crazy kaleidoscope of voices, stories and sounds emanating from within.

Thanks to tried and true analogue technology, a whisper from one end will clearly reverberate through the 10-metre long pipe to someone waiting at the other end. The auditory installation encourages kids and adults alike to share a secret, make some noise and have fun with kōrero.

Speakatube was conceived by Johann Nortje and produced by Storybox. Beginning with a 3D design, it was built from steel tubing that can be easily dismantled, moved and reassembled. Originally commissioned by Auckland Live and set up in Aotea Square, the installation has since delighted audiences all across Aotearoa.

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