Summer Demand 2021

Wellington Water


We worked with Wellington Water to craft a public messaging campaign to encourage Wellingtonians to conserve water over summer. The campaign focussed on encouraging people to think about how much they enjoy having water in their lives. Rather than a set of things ‘not to do’ the idea was to celebrate water while giving practical tips to people to conserve this precious resource.

The campaign centered around a series of brightly coloured retro eighties illustrations, showing scenes of Wellington with Wellingtonians enjoying water over summer. We focussed on showering for the specific conservation message with the tag line ‘Shower as long at a 4 minute song’, a simple, positive action for people to take on board.

Wellington Water had additional water messaging around wastewater and stormwater that they needed to communicate and we extended the same illustrated look and feel to cover this. For wastewater we created two animated messages - encouraging people to keep fats and oils out of the sink, and wet wipes out of the toilet.

Summer Demand 2021Summer Demand 2021
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