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Taumata Arowai


Taumata Arowai is the new water services regulator for Aotearoa New Zealand. With a lot of change to implement they needed help with communications. We worked with them to create some informative videos for the drinking water suppliers they are working with.

We created three videos for them, one to outline what small drinking suppliers need to do when, how to find out if you are a drinking water supplier and finally info to help suppliers plan for safe water supply. There was a lot of detail to get across and we needed to make something that was interesting and engaging, while also offering clear information.

In this case we turned to our inhouse illustration and animation team to develop a simple visual style that could be used across all three videos as well as printed comms. We used our story telling skills to put together a script that would be engaging, but also informative.

Kaupapa VideosKaupapa Videos
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