Tokyo House

Suntory Boss Coffee


Suntory Boss wanted a memorable event to help support their Aotearoa launch of their iconic cold brew canned coffee. 

We worked with event company Urban List to create ‘Tokyo House’ a moving image spectacle that transported people to a night out in Tokyo. Projected in 270 degrees across 22m, we created an epic, immersive visual experience using animation,  live action footage and even incorporated some of SuntoryBOSS’s famous advertising moments.

Beginning at Shibuya crossing we took the audience down lively alleys, past chefs wrestling with mochi, through some of Tokyo’s incredible neon signage before heading down deep into the subway. Jammed onto a train we travelled to in hyperlapse to the Tokyo Fish Market, before finishing our night looking out at a fireworks display lighting up the skyline.

We worked closely with SuntoryBOSS to create the video experience. It needed to reflect their brand values which are gritty and connect to the working class in Japan. Sequences in the subway and the Fish Market were important to capture that sensibility.

The screening finished with a live art installation by Jun Arita (Whose artwork was featured in our video). The audience were treated to a sip on a SuntoryBOSS Coffee cocktail by mixologist Akira Ohki, some authentic Japanese street food and a DJ set by Katanagram.

Tokyo HouseTokyo House
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