Wow Me

World Of Wearable Arts & WellingtonNZ


We love partnering with creative clients and so understandably we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the awesome creative team at the World of Wearable Art (WOW). They wanted us to help them with a special project to attract new audiences to the 2023 event.

We came up with WOW ME. 
WOW ME is all about attracting the people who haven't yet discovered the magic of WOW, the people who've heard of it but don't think it's for them. Working with the WOW team, we created a video and print campaign to change their minds.

Hosted by star Drag King Hugo Grrl, we took Auckland comedian Josh Thompson and a small crew of WOW virgins out for a spectacular night to remember. With Hugo as their guide they enjoyed all our great windy city has to offer, topped off with the main event - WOW. WOW knocked their socks off and we caught it all on camera.

Wow MeWow Me
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